About me

Welcome to my website.


My illustrations are my adventures. Each one taking on different roles and challenges for me.


As a child, I enjoyed reading. I also enjoyed scribbling small drawings, sometimes making up stuff as I went along. This free imagination allowed me to be the creative being I am today.


My ideas and work start with a blank peice of space. Everything is done by hand and the only digital part of my work is the scanning. I like to keep everything in its original state as much as possible. I currently use pencil, pastels and pigment ink pen on all of my work.


A lot of my inspiration came from illustrators and storytellers such as Maurice Sendak, Anthony Brown, Dr. Seuss, Raymond Briggs and David McKee. My tender teenage years indulged and gazed in awe at the works of Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Todd McFarlane, Alex Ross and so many more.


Although my artistic style is primarily my own, I like to think I drew inspiration from these artist who influenced my work to this very day.



Please feel free to have a browse, I feel you may enjoy it too!